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I say you're a silly girl
and you have moon-eyes
for everything that seems redundant
and simple,
but you don't like having moon-eyes,
so I try cow-eyes and ox-eyes
and grey-sea-eyes,
and every other way Homer
described Athena's beauty,
but you're a silly girl
and think I'm calling you names
and trying to be "smart,"
but look into a cow's eyes
and you see the dark longing
and the sad-eyed-ladies,
and you see the age and the innocence
and the knowing of what's been,
yet you think cow-eyes are ugly
and grotesque and "horrible,"
and you just want your eyes
to be mellow or hollow
or hazy,
like all the beautiful girls in my other poems
and in my simple little songs that I write,
and I can't ever explain to you
that girls with eyes
like that broke my heart,
and it would be so much more lovely
and sexy and brilliant
to have full-brown cow-eyes
or black-mysterious ox-eyes
or sea-grey-blue-eyes like Athena,
but you just frown
and scrunch your face at me
and make me fall in love with you,
you silly girl.
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  • coleencoleen Posts: 938
    i don't know if you remember talking about reading minds....

    but i've always adored cows for their gentle lovely eyes and starting today i'll never wish again for saphire blue or emerald green eyes and i'll be happy with my brown cow eyes. ;)
  • BhagavadGitaBhagavadGita Posts: 1,748
    Id rather be Athena than Octavia being overcome by Virgil's Verses.
  • keven 33keven 33 Posts: 259
    another awesome goulet poem

    was that one stream of conscious or a project
    doesnt matter i was just wondering

    "wheres the delete all my posts option?"
  • GouletGoulet Posts: 918
    Originally posted by keven 33
    was that one stream of conscious or a project
    doesnt matter i was just wondering

    it seems like 99% of my poems are streams
    that flow right
    then left
    then slantways and backwards,
    and so was this one.
    i really just get the feeling and go,
    and where i end up nobody knows.
    see i'm a poet,
    i can RHYME!
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