some mp3s.

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some music i've done. nothing to write home about though.
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  • 62strat62strat Posts: 638
    i really like your crowded house cover greg....its quite beautiful really
  • exhaustedexhausted Posts: 6,638
    thank you.

    i need to do a proper recording of it someday.
  • 62strat62strat Posts: 638
    sounds fine to me. but you have an ear for that sort of thing. I myself dont care to much of a recording, if its good...its good, you can tell...
  • puremagicpuremagic Posts: 1,907
    I played your version of Don't Dream at our pool party Saturday.
    SIN EATERS--We take the moral excrement we find in this equation and we bury it down deep inside of us so that the rest of our case can stay pure. That is the job. We are morally indefensible and absolutely necessary.
  • exhaustedexhausted Posts: 6,638
    looking to drive the last few stragglers to drowning? :)
    Originally posted by puremagic
    I played your version of Don't Dream at our pool party Saturday.
  • coleencoleen Posts: 938
    don't dream its over is one of my favorites and i can honestly say i enjoyed listening to your version every bit as much as i enjoy the original.

    i also really liked the originals that you posted - my favorite was 'to everything new'. it has a really honest/pure quality to it that makes it great to get lost in.

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