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I like these guys alot but for some reason I always forget about them. Have they made anything cool since Rock Superstar?
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  • I only have their greatest hits, but every song on there is dynamite. Good shit. I've no idea what they're up to lately. I know B-Real was on Snoop's 'Blue Carpet Treatment' for a few songs.
    she was underwhelmed, if that's a word
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    The last album they released was 'Till Death Do Us Part', in 2004. 4 Years after Skull and Bones, which was the album that had "(Rock) Superstar" on it.

    but I have no idea if it's worthy...

    Black Sunday is a great album by them
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    The self-title debut is an awesome album and Black Sunday is even better.
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    LongRd. wrote:
    The self-title debut is an awesome album and Black Sunday is even better.
    their only two good albums- imo

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  • They have a new album coming out, dunno when. Apparently Slash plays on it somewhere.
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    This will be "interesting".
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