Jeff Ament on Led Zeppelin... Latest issue of Rolling Stone.

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So, if you've got a pulse than you are probably aware of the soon to occur reunited Zeppelin show... well 3/4 anyway.

The latest issue of Rolling Stone (with the remaining members of Zep on the cover) has a little blip where Jeff talks about them. It's on page 64:

Eight artists on their affection for Led Zeppelin - and how the band came to define generations of rock

Jeff Ament: "Pearl Jam's goal every night is 'Let's try to be Zep in 73', Madison Square Garden.' They changed it up with every record. When we made Ten, we wanted to be as diverse as possible so we could go any direction we wanted after that, the way they did."

I hope the soon to happen show (December 10) comes out on DVD or as a CD compilation. It seems like they would since Zep is everywhere now... or more so that is.
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    I've got a whole lotta love for Zepplin too.
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    They are the greatest band ever(for now). End of story.
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    (Hangs off every word coming out of that sweet, sweet mouth.)
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