the Beatles: Abbey Road



  • Thoughts_ArriveThoughts_Arrive Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 13,928
    Yeah that part looks so hard, it feels like my fingers will get twisted in a confused knot haha.
    I watched a tutorial on Youtube and was like how the hell do I do that?!
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  • rummyrummy Ontario, CanadaPosts: 3,098
    rummy said:
    I'm hoping they (Giles Martin & Co.) get around to doing a few more reissues...maybe take a year or two off with Peter Jackson's Let It Be/Get Back film coming out and then start thinking about 60th anniversaries for the earlier albums...or better still, do a proper Beatles UK Singles release (US version, too?) where they put together all of the A-Sides and B-Sides in one two-disc (or 4-LP) set.
    Hate to quote myself but in just over a week of this post, look what happens!
    Hope they somehow get these versions to digital format!
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