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Anyone have this happen to them? Over the summer I listened to Degredation trip by jerry cantrell for the first time. I was stunned, my mouth dropped open. By the time the record was done, I had a headache and I felt sick, and really naseous and gross.

Very few records have that effect on me.

Anyone have similar experiences, where after listening to a record for the first time, you feel a certain way. I am not talking about if you listen to Ten or Nevermind you feel good or happy. I mean something different.

do you have feelings of being totally blown away?

Like when ed heard the who for the first time, that type of reaction.

Similar experiences for me are listening to Dirt for the first time.

I have noticed, more often than not most music I listen to is crap, it doesnt cause a reaction, or if it does its just a feeling of "this is a good song, or a good record or a good band".

When I do feel as I did after listening to Degredation trip, its a feeling that is scary and uncomfortable, but its something that I wish happened more.
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    I remember clearly a similar experience... the first time I listened to the Fragile by NIN with a very good friend of mine... We sat there listening to the whole first cd and while it was playing this kind of dark, almost sick mood started to take on us... then we put the 2nd. disc... when it ended we both looked at each other with this sad, wore down faces... and said "it's a great album... but man, don't you feel totally wasted, lacking strength to do anything at all, sick, depressed?" The two of us had exactly the same feelings after listening to that album, we still talk about that from time to time when we meet. And actually I have to listen to that album in small dosages, I think I haven't listened to both cd's in a row since then.

    I've had some other strong emotional experiences with other albums, but that's the clearest since the other person with me felt exactly the same.
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