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First of all, I like Soundgarden and this is one of my favorite songs.
I'm not a HUGE fan, so I don't really know a lot about them like about PJ.

Anyways, today while driving to the city, they we're playing some Christmas songs on the radio. You know, classic ones, and stuff like jazz and Sinatra etc... I wasn't really listening, but after a few songs, a familiar tune caught my attention.
After a while I realized it was Black Hole Sun, sounded COMPLETELY different. I don't know who sang it, but it was a jazz cover and the guy sang it Sinatra-style. (I know it couln't have been him, LOL). It sounded pretty cool actually.
I wonder if any of you heard this cover before and who is it? I'm very curious to see who decided to cover SG song in jazz... ;)
Thanks, I'm just curious. :)
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    standin above the crowd
    he had a voice that was strong and loud and
    i swallowed his facade cos i'm so
    eager to identify with
    someone above the crowd
    someone who seemed to feel the same
    someone prepared to lead the way
  • El_Kabong wrote:

    Thanks a lot! That must be it. :)
    "I surfaced and all of my being was enlightened"
  • I am listening to hism usic now because of this thread. I searched him in comcast rhapsody and now im listening to him sing smells like teen spirit!

    1. It's My Life
    2. True
    3. Eye Of The Tiger
    4. Everybody Hurts
    5. Wonderwall
    6. Black Hole Sun
    7. It's A Sin
    8. Jump
    9. Smells Like Teen Spirit
    10. Hello
    11. Eyes Without A Face
    12. Lovecats
    13. The Way You Make Me Feel
    14. Tears In Heaven

    Heres some of the songs on one of his cds!
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    It could also be the gorgeous version performed by Eydie Gormet and some other guy included on this highly recommendable album called Lounge-A-Palooza.

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    Asshole Son by Weird Al rules all!
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  • I bought the new Johnny Cash album for his cover of Rusty Cage. He did it really well and I loved it.
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    theres also a really tripped out Cibo Matto version of Black Hole Sun, pretty cool also
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    I bought the new Johnny Cash album for his cover of Rusty Cage. He did it really well and I loved it.

    His backing band for that was Tom Petty and teh Heartbreakers. Hard to imaine those guys playing Black Hole Sun :D. They have the chops...but still...funny in my mind.
  • Thanks guys for all the info. Wow, I didn't know there are that many SG covers outhere. Gotta check those out these days. I'm curious. :)

    Merry Christmas! :)
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