hangin in seattle for a day in june....and then what?

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So, I'm hitching a ride from Fairbanks, AK to Seattle on the 23rd of June. But there's a 10 1/2 hour layover...(from Seattle to NH).

I'm looking for ideas on what to see or do in a day or less in Seattle. Maybe 8 hours tops to see...what? The space needle? Easy street records?! A Mariners game? Cobain's burial site? The market where they throw the fish?

Bar-B-Q at Eddie's?

What does someone do with 10 hours to spare in Seattle?

(probably place this message in the right forum, for one...)

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  • will you have a vehicle? this city really sucks for getting around with ease. you could spend 8 hours stuck on i-5 and that would be a typical seattle experience. but seriously, with limited time, check out the market. it's fun and kitchy (make sure to go downstairs too). there are some great stores across the street. the space needle is way over priced and over rated. unless you go eat there (food is hit and miss) and watch the city at night, it's not worth the price.

    good luck.
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    I would venture up the hill to Capitol Hill, walk if you have legs, it is only about 12 blocks from downtown. Have a coffee, walk down Broadway, and hang out at Volunteer Park. That is a more interesting Seattle to me. Downtown (pike place) is worth a view though.
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    fuck coffee. too generic, cliche, whatever.

    go to the troll under the bridge.
    There's a trapdoor in the sun.
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    I'm super passionate music guy, so i would spend all of it at Easy Street looking through every album they have, except Nickelback. Or Creed

    Stupid Nickelback/Creed, ruining post-grunge
    My god its been so long, never dreamed we'd return.
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