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Nice to know that a handful of pjam fans got tix.

If you havent already- goodluck and sorry. Yeah, it sucks...keep trying...If you have seen one pjam show, you= lucky.

I myself am a doo-doo head. Didnt try through 10club, because I read the date wrong...all scrambled with other issues going on in life.

I dont know the point of this thread. But this place makes me laugh- including meeself.

Chi- I am excited for you. And Mandalina and all my friends. Ok, back to work Jetson. I tried those Jetson's lil dishwashing packets- they are SUPERB and out of this world (universe actually). I can also do a great Judy and Jane Jetson impression. :o I think those are the only ones that I can do...anyhoose....
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  • yay!

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    Yay! for Rargh

    Just Because. :)
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    Anything about a Seattle show? 'cause that's really all I want to read now.
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    Maybe some good soul will have some spares for you Rargh... There is still hope :D:D:D

    And Yay for all those that will be enjoying a first Eddie solo show :D

    EDIT: Just saw the other thread... Yay for Roobs!!!!! :D
  • :o thanks everyone

    no one cares about the Jetson stuff? :o jk

    carry on.

    Today I am gonna paint some gnomes- solid colour. neon green and hot pink. I saw some at Pier 1 imports. Sorry, not at some chic flea market...Ideas are always welcome.

    And since this has to be pjam-related (forum), the whole theme matches the LA poster from a few years back. The green hand one. The background is black. I want to paint the patio bench that colour so the lil guys (Gnomes) can stick out.

    But the reason behind it was, I wanted some youthful energy (look) for our patio. And then the hot pink comes from my friend VV. I actually like the contrast. I mean I dont know how common it really is. As a matter of fact I got some glass birdies from India last summer who have the colour-combo. They are sitting in my closet right now, because they just dont "fit" anywhere.

    I dont necessarily think the poster-theme worked its way into my subconscious. But.....we should all experiment with different colours. Even colours of people if you want.

    Anyways, Pjam fans are good people. Not just about giving tix- but a bout caring, thats all. Thanks for the care everyone! Best of Wishes. Happy Saturday.
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