new music: Dustin Edge - A Forest Through the Trees

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Dustin's a friend of mine who used to front a band called Cast Iron Filter based out of North Carolina... they broke up almost exactly two years ago, and he's now in Prague... Just released a new record, and I like it a lot... biased tho I might be.

If it helps, he and his wife went to the Pearl Jam show in Prague this year and loved it :)

There's one song I don't particularly like and another that I think is mediocre, but, all-in-all, I think it's really good... free listening at these places if anyone wants to give it a spin: (there's a downloadable non-album track from the May 16 entry) (downloadable version of one of the songs from myspace)

And I made the website too, so feel free to tell me if something sucks about it...
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