I want to show some love for Pearl Jam!!!!!

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I may still be a little under the influence form last nights wine BUT.....

watching Immagine In Cornice right now, Eddie doing 'Throw You Arms Around Me', I really hope this band are with us for a long time......

Pearl Jam - you've soundtracked the best years of my life, I love you and there's truly no other band like you......Thank You :)
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  • Ahhhhhhhhhh yes!

    The soundtrack to most of our lives....and Ed is the guiding voice that nurtures us through our most troubling times....oh what this band represents to each of us.
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    I think we all need our PJ fix and hopefully soon.
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    I guess some people loved Elvis as much as I PJ. Or more possible I love PJ more. Who would believe, there will come time, that no one man in this world will not know who PJ were. It's sadder to me than knowledge, that in future there will be no man, who would know, who I was. Poor people...
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    can't imagine my life without PJ, just can't, music would never be the same and I wouldn't have much to look forward too, hope they are with us for along time!
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