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Matt Cameron and unconventional time signatures



  • yosi1yosi1 Posts: 3,272
    awake wrote:
    as a drummer, who loves listening to, but hates playing, odd time signatures. Some of what Matt does is not so much odd signatures, but odd accents and beats over 4/4 which make it sound odd. Even as far back as Temple of the Dog, his beats and fills sometimes seem out of place, until you listen to it a few times, and then you realize his original approach.

    I couldn't agree with this more. This is exactly my experience as well (I too am a drummer, who loves listening to but has some toruble playing odd time signatures).
    awake wrote:
    That said, there are tons of examples of his odd signatures. My Wave is a classic 5/4 groove from Soundgarden, and Outshined is 7/8.

    Easiest way to find an odd signature is try and tap your foot on 1 and 3 and clap hands on 2 and 4. (like you can to every single Beatles song)
    If you lose the beat after a bar or 2, it's probably an odd signature. Try it with the above 2 songs, you'll see.

    some examples of mainstream odd signatures are Money (Floyd), Turn it on (Genesis), Hold On (yes).

    i think it's best when the odd signature is subtle like the above examples, and the listener sings and taps along not noticing

    hope this helps. If you really want to hurt your brain, listen to Dream Theater or Tool.

    Pushin' Forward Back is also 7/4.
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  • yosi1yosi1 Posts: 3,272
    Stereotype wrote:
    Hello! I just spotted this thread and wanna join:)I'm a girl and also play drums (and a piano). It' hard for me to explain this tehnical terms in english but I can try, right:)
    Just wanna say that music that falls in the "odd time" category is usually a combination of common rhythms played in the same measure of music. For example a seven beat rhythm may consist of 4 beat pattern followed by 3 beat pattern (or vice versa) and if this happens only in some part of the song it does not mean that the whole beat is uneven. I think Matt sometimes adds some parts so it seems odd but it's actually not..sometimes he also plays over the beat..but that doesn't change it.

    Good post.
    you couldn't swing if you were hangin' from a palm tree in a hurricane.
  • StereotypeStereotype Maribor, SloveniaPosts: 873
    I tryed. :)
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  • Stereotype wrote:
    I tryed. :)
    Really was a good post... I've noticed that about him too. Especially live.
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  • GetRight13GetRight13 NYPosts: 523
    the unseen said:
    i think matts dynamics are the best of any drummer they've had in the past.

    release is a good example of this for me.....he plays the quiet parts quiet and gets aggresive when the time calls for it.

    dave just cracked that snair with the same attack no matter if it fit or not in that song,and while jack had it down better than dave, matt just nails it how i've always heard it played in my head.

    he doesnt capture jacks feel on in my tree,but he has made it his own in it's own right.

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