what strings should i use???- i play a lonestar strat 97

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im really sick of the hype of elixir on acoustic maybe but i dunno about electric
can someone give me some ideas on what kind i can use

i play kind of a hard style , but would like to be able to go from rock to blues sometimes
and melodic, deep sounding strings

i got some ddarioos on now they suck
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    elixirs on acoustics kick ass.

    i use GHS boomers (11s) on my electrics. i hate strings that are too light.
  • ive got a lonestar as well. i use GHS 11's but its a special set where the low E is thicker than usual maybe 50somthin gauge. i dont know what they're called but if you play heavier stuff its good for power chords. i finally got it set up with 11's and couldnt believe the difference after geting it set up.
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    DR's are my favorite.

    10's will give you a thick tone but 11's and up will give you this lovely sustain and body (think SRV or KWS) and DR's last forever.

    GHS boomers are good.

    However make sure your guitar is set up for the gauge you use and remember the thicker the string the quicker you will wear through frets which get costly to replace.

    DR's are the best for my money.

    on Acoustic if you are using anything but Elixir's you're wasting your money
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    I recommend Boomer 11's
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