Indy FT: Front Row, Dead Center. Looking for Aisle.

I have a front row, dead center ticket (Sec B, Row M, Seat 11) for the Indy show that I'm looking to trade for a good aisle seat.


If you happen to have a decent aisle pair, I could either trade and pay the cash difference, or I have a few other tickets to this show that we could try to work something out.

I'm only interested in aisle. And nothing on the far outsides or behind the poles. So please don't contact me with other offers. My other seats are already spoken for if I don't find a trade. Thanks.


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    aisleseatsaisleseats Posts: 1,311

    To clarify, my additional tickets include another pair of lowers (together). So, if you have a decent aisle pair, I could be willing to trade all three tickets for your pair, plus the cash difference. This would leave my crew short one ticket, but I'm confident I'll be able to find another single.
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