FT: 2 to Fenway2, Sec B94. // ISO: Any MSG2 Pair

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I know this is a very unlikely trade, but figured I'd post the request anyway, just in case. Don't care if the seats are bad so long as they're in the building. I'm not quite sure the best way to do this though. I'd be happy to meet at Fenway in person if it's easier to guarantee things, though I know that it's after the MSG show. A timed drop could be arranged at any time, but I know that can be unreliable. 

I'd only trade the tickets for a MSG2 pair, as otherwise I'd go to the Fenway show. 

Anyway, I know this probably won't go anywhere, but worth a shot. 

Edit: Ah well, I ended up just biting the bullet and buying stubhub tickets to MSG2....
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