Cooling an attic - where my contractors at?

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I just moved to a duplex. My bedroom has an attic that is unfinished and not insulated.

I want to WFH in a small area, maybe 400 sq ft max, which is maybe 1 third of the attic's total size.

It's at least 20 degrees hotter in the attic on days like today (88 degrees out), so sitting up there all day isn't an option.

If I put an AC in the window, and hang bedsheets/tarp/curtains to block my work area off, would the work area get cool and stay cool while I was up there?

And would it make the blocked are that much hotter, dangerously hot, to the point where I shouldn't do it for some reason?

Forgive me if these are dumb questions that a grade-school kid can answer lol. Want to get this right.

I'm waiting for a quote from my landlord's contractor about insulating and finishing the attic. It will probably be more than what I'm willing to spend, which is why I'm looking at an alternative. I hate to waste the space during the warm months.

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    Measure the window, get a new a/c, put up up your blanket. All is good. 

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