ISO: P.E.S.T. 1st EP 7"

BP61344BP61344 Bristol, UK Posts: 23
Does anyone have a spare copy of the 1st P.E.S.T. EP they'd be willing to sell or trade for? I have a spare of the 2nd EP.
I'm in the UK, but I have a mailbox in America too.
Thanks in advance,


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    LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 8,414
    Hook this punk rocker up! Try mssging ear candy if you didn't already. Maybe they still have one or can find it. 
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    runstaplesrunstaples NC/WY Posts: 307
    I am currently on the hunt for this as well if anyone has an extra! Thanks so much!
    Appeared to be an animal, yet so polite.
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