SELLING: Stage Used Tambourine from Eddie

FactoryMan93FactoryMan93 Posts: 722
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I am selling this stage used tambourine.

This was thrown from Eddie during Toronto 2011. Tambourine is in good shape, with a tight leather top.

This tambourine will ship from Canada. Based on past sales, I am asking $220 US. Shipping will be included. Shipping will include tracking and insurance.

Please ask any questions you may have. Payment will be through PayPal.

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    LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 8,414
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    Bump for a cool item. I held one of his tambos in 2000. Unintended for me. Got the serious stink eye stare from ev!
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    FactoryMan93FactoryMan93 Posts: 722
    Still available
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    JV130312JV130312 STATE OF LOVE & TRUST Posts: 2,423
    Is there any proof or verification that this was from that show?
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