Passion, Presence, Pouring Out

They are getting older 

Eddie’s hair, dyed brown

 to hide the gray 

He still climbs around on stage

 but with a few missteps 

and a little less balance 

Ed forgets the lyrics at one point mid song

“Help me out” he shouts 

Turns to Jeff 

who sings his lyrics back to him

Turns around 

and turns it up

He’s right back in it

Shakes off the forgotten lyrics, missteps and decreased balance 

Releases the powerful 

Baritone ballad that reverberates 

In the depth of my heart

Takes a little longer to summit the subwoofer 


 but not as high 


but not from the same places as his youth 

Yet he still finds himself standing on top 

Pouring out his soul and sweat 

To the thousands of people 

shouting their lyrics back 

in a catharsis 

Mike Mccreedys 

energy, spryness and agility 

As he runs circles around the stage

Constantly jumping up and down 

And playing guitar behind his head 

As he enters another dimension



strong and steady on the drums 



quiet, yet powerful 


smiling and bringing it 


having a blast playing huge and brilliant bass 

Much has changed 

But wasn’t changed is the way

They pour it out

Everything out 

No show is canned 

And you feel it 

Feel the passion 

Feel the energy 

Feel the heart and soul

from which the music originates 

It’s all real 

from a place of depth 

And raw emotion 

Maybe not Eddie’s hair color

But that’s about it 

They start slow 

Nothing man 

It’s intimate and beautiful 

Toward the end they play Alive 

What was once written as a curse 

and from acute pain 

Has now turned into a song of celebration, forgiveness and overcoming 


This is my band 

I first heard them when I was 16

They helped me process difficult emotions 

I didn’t really know how to handle 

Suffering, pain, deep sadness and anger 

And when I didn’t have the words 

Their lyrics, emotion and power 

Expressed, honored and released 

What I needed 

Now I’m 40

They are not the only ones who have changed 

I now have words, courage and authenticity to share the depth of my heart with others too 

Though decades have passed

what drew me to them 

What lit my fire

What stirred my soul 

has not changed 

And perhaps is even more beautiful 

When it’s still being practiced over 30 years later 

And though I don’t have Ed’s vocals, Matt’s drumming ability, Stone, Mike and Matt’s guitar skills or Boones piano talent 

I can be like them 

In the way I show up 

With my whole heart 

And pour everything into what I do 

With great energy and passion 

And let the spirit move me 

Never a canned show 

Raw, real, beautiful 



Pouring out 

Pearl Jam

Christine Cronin
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