Have MSG N1 Good Seats to Trade for Philly N1 or Fenway N2

I have an extra pair of MSG N1 tickets for trade only. Not selling.

Section 115 Row 20. Nice side stage seats that are close to the aisle of section 116. 

Looking for Philly N1 comparable seats or GA. Not looking to trade for floor seats. 

Edit: Would also trade for Fenway N2 GA
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    MakeUSmileMakeUSmile NJ Posts: 1,071
    Hey Vin (think this is you, lol)
    let me ask around for you on this. I might be able to work something out.  Unfortunately, I don’t have extra Philly 1 seats, but someone in my crew may. Now if you were interested in trading for Philly 2, I’m your girl. Lol
    i’ll text you guys if I find something.

    can you feel this world with your heart and not your brain?
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    @MakeUSmile who the hell is Vin?

    Just kiddin’ it’s me! Thank you so much and definitely let us know if something shakes loose. 

    As far as a trade for your Philly 2 seats, it’s a definite possibility if I can by some
    miracle secure Philly 1 on my own. Also need a single GA for Fenway 1. Easy peasy 🙄
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    I hope everyone has fun in Europe, patiently waiting my turn in September, bump! 
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    Still looking for Philly 1 but haven’t had any luck. Would also trade for Fenway N2 GA. 
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