A story to share with good news

This weekend will hold a big moment in my life.

My oldest son, the one born on the autistic spectrum is now a journalist.  He’s been working for the past two years as an intern at a news station (while in graduate school).  This weekend, my younger son and I are helping him move out of state for a new job at a big station in a city.  It’s a big deal for our family.

This is the boy I’ve poured my time and love into for many years. He had previously feared he’d be living at home forever, but we found the right niche for him. He’s an excellent writer.  He’s already published 40 articles while still a student!

Anyway…on a personal level this is a big change for me. I need to help him get settled down there this summer and help him establish his daily home routine, but luckily, his talent will help him succeed at his job.  Picture me as a mom who’s been carrying a big basket on my back for years and soon I can put it down. It’s nearly impossible to imagine, but it’s really happening.

Thank God we found the right field for him! He was a history major as an undergraduate but for his master’s he chose journalism. He’s so good at what he does (researching and writing fast and well) that his “difference”  is his strength. 

I am leaving out of this story the hellish years we had while he was in public schools.  Teachers who called us often and complained to us that he wouldn’t sit still in class.  That we needed to medicate him.  That he needed to go to a “special” school because he was too much work for them… They put this dark fear into us that he wouldn’t be able to take care of himself. 

Well…we managed to get him through college and a master’s degree. His talent and ambition helped him land a good job. Whew!

I wish I could tell those people who tried to kill my hope and his hope while he was a child that they were wrong, wrong, wrong! 

Instead, I’m sharing my good news with any curious friends who read what I post on the PJ board. Imagine my heart bursting and my eyes welling up because that’s how I’m feeling about this.

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