I'm so partial to a bright sky

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I'm so partial to a bright sky
wake up on a summer morning and it feels like HOPE
maybe I'm similar to those flowers that close up on a cold desert night and then open up when the sun hits?
but give me a bright morning with hope and
my eyes open
my heart opens
and perhaps my ability to talk wakes up too!

lately, it occurs to me that I get hung up on details
I can hear a story that sounds familiar in broad outline,
it sounds so like a story I know,
but I get hung up on the details...
fear says: that can't be our adventure cuz
it's in the wrong month
it's in the wrong vehicle
it's the wrong era 
the costumes don't fit
and I miss the big point!

so hung up on the details...
I forget that even plays like Romeo and Juliet are reset many times
there was a modern day setting for a movie
a future setting for an experimental playhouse
yeah, that's what creative directors do

it's like I miss the gist of my life sometimes
so caught up in the details of the day

this is why I need my open summer days
it's as if I can see again!
mood high, I can see that the world is a better place than I feared 
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