Baltimore show in September

Unfortunately I cant make the Baltimore show. I was able to sell my tickets back on Ticketmaster. But I also had a room booked thru Expedia. I cant get my refund if I cancel. But they did say I can transfer my reservation. Its at the Lord Baltimore Hotel. I paid $175 and Im only looking to recover something so would be willing to take $100. The hotel is really close to the arena. You can contact me here or you can email me directly at goldstein1202@comcast.net


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    CROJAM95CROJAM95 Posts: 9,618
    Post in Given to Fly

    thats the touring  section 
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    This is the first time i have posted here. Wasnt sure where to post it
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    CROJAM95CROJAM95 Posts: 9,618
    No worries… just trying to get you traction, that’s the place

    good luck… I was going in 2020 until it got cancelled, date doesn’t work for me this year, otherwise I’d take the room

    good luck & welcome aboard 
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    Thanks man! Absolutely appreciate the help
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