Hoping for 1 Seattle GA either night; have 1LA1 GA & 1Vegas 1 GA

Hoping to trade - thanks!


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    Sugarloafer04Sugarloafer04 Telluride CO // Brooklyn NY Posts: 309
    no trade to offer , sorry, but if you end up listing that LV1 GA I am heading solo and would love a heads up. Thanks.  
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    2018: Fenway night 1
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    2022: San Diego, MSG, Camden 
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    2024: Las Vegas 1, Las Vegas 2
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    canadianborncanadianborn Lakewood CO Posts: 21
    I am in the same boat as Sugarloafer04. I have yet to experience the transcendence of a PJ show from the pit. If by some miracle you end up with a spare, and Sugarloafer04 has already been hooked up, (dibs are dibs after all) I would be eternally grateful. 
    Denver 2014, Boston 1 & 2 2018, Ohana 2021, Denver 2022, Minneapolis 2 2023
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