South of Brazil needs help

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Fellow 10C friends, it's been years since I don't use the forum, but this time is exceptional. If anyone has seen the news, the state I live in Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul) has been devastaded by rain and floodings. Thousands of people have lost everything and hundreds of cities were swiped away by the water. Even our capital, Porto Alegre, is under critical circumstance, with around 85% of the population withou access to water and many people out of their homes, in shelters. The number of deaths is not even close to reality, since everything is filled with water, still not revealing the amount of damage.
If anyone feel they can help, or get someone in the Vitalogy foundation to help us, everything is welcome. Money from abroad is worth almost 5 times ours, so even the smallest amount can be a lot here.
We have famous people organizing donations through this secure fund:

I'll copy the international information here:

For donations in dollars - USD, please go to https://donate.stripe.com/00g4j4cqi3Jib8kbII

For donations in british pounds - GBP, please go to https://donate.stripe.com/8wM6rcgGy3JiccofZ3

For donations in euro - EUR, please go to https://donate.stripe.com/4gw16Sdum7Zyb8k9AC

I assure this is a safe donation fund. It has already raised almost R$ 50 million (around U$D 8 million) and is constantly reporting to the population and being vehicled by reliable and official media.

Here's a few links with images from the situation:

Could send more, but I don't want to take even more of your time.

Thanks in advance 🙏🏼

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