Looking to trade for MSG N1 - have floor level Philly single, 1x MSG N2 available, 2x Baltimore

Dan MacCombieDan MacCombie Brooklyn, NY Posts: 9
Hi! I'm looking for a single MSG N1 ticket. I have available on the table:
- MSG 9/4 sec 211 x2 (open to swapping one of these or 2x for a better seat)
- Philly 9/7 Sec 2 (floor level) x1 - (would rather keep both these but open to trading under right circumstances)
- Philly 9/9 Section 1 Floor level 1 available
- Baltimore 9/12 Secton 219 x2 - open to trading both of these tickets potentially.

Thought I had 2 pair boston GA tickets but I guess I only bought one each not expecting to get GA!
And, I'm rolling solo to all these shows, so happy to meet folks and share the ride / hang together (coming from NYC)

I don't check on here too often so will do my best and also happy to text if you message me your number. 


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    saviefavsaviefav Posts: 18
    Hey, were you able to find anyone for any of these? I'm trying to trade Philly 2 for MSG 1, so unfortunately can't help you out, but will be at all the other shows, although you really scored with your GA/floor seats. But you know what, I'm just happy to be in the building. Anyway, thought I'd see if there was any interest, even though I'm not really sure how I would even make this happen.
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