Mike's DL4 settings

Mike has used both the DL4 and the MM4 for over 20 years. I saw one closeup pic of his board that showed both pedals have labels on each preset button. On the MM4 you can make out labels for "Univibe" and "Flanger" on 2 buttons. The other 2 are harder to make out, but they definitely both say "Phaser" with 2 different descriptors. Not certain, but most likely 1 in "Long" for a wider sweep and the other short, probably for the rotary-like effect you frequently here Mike kick on during solos. The DL4 definitely has labels too, but I can't even begin to make out what they are in the pictures I've seen. Does anyone have a closeup pick where it's readable, or happen to be aware of Mike's settings? He definitely uses the Analog Echo, which models the Boss DM-2 that's also spent a fair amount time on his board. I think I hear some Tape Echo on some things as well. Does anyone know what other kinds off settings Mike is using for delay?


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    I'd love to know too! 
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