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This might be my favorite song off of Dark Matter. It gives me the same feeling as Paul Simon's "Father and Daughter." I definitely cried listening to it a few times already because it immediately made me think of my dad. I've read a few things saying that people don't like it because it's cheesy and too straightforward. But I think it's a beautiful, heartfelt song. As a daughter around the age of Eddie's, it really hits home. You can probably only appreciate it for what it is if you're a dad or a daughter with a good relationship with the other. I can't stop listening to it though, no matter how much it makes me cry.
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    jwmakesjwmakes Posts: 5
    I love it :-) Both my kids came to the cinema with us to hear the new album (they’re a bit older than Ed’s kids) and it was wonderful. They’ve grown up with PJ and this song perfectly encapsulates how I feel about the pair of them :-)
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    CP218430CP218430 Posts: 1,895
    I don't love this song but I get the sentiment and I love the sentiment. I don't mind simple. I don't mind straight forward. I loved how he talked about some songs and perspective of those of us that grew up with and now into adulthood with the band and it's so true. I find the music and lyrics so much more relatable on a personal level as opposed to the visceral level that I did in those early albums. I think this is the beauty of aging with the band, we are lucky they are still creating and comfortable with their human side. This is maybe the most understated attribute and what keeps them vital. I like every album, and enjoy every show and while they may never make another Vs or No Code they don't mail anything in and that human side is what keeps me listening. It took me a few listens to find things on Dark Matter I loved but I know there's always something in there and sure enough I keep finding lines that make me pause. Love what you love!
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    slightofjeffslightofjeff Posts: 7,762
    Yes, the lyrics to this song are mostly straightforward ... but if you were going to impart all the wisdom you have left to your kid before letting her loose in the world, you'd be straightforward and not wrap it in nuance and metaphor. It fits the purpose of the song.
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    WreckageWreckage England Posts: 33
    It’s sweet I think, but one that doesn’t need to be played everywhere once this tour is out.  
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