Have Wrigley lro transfer for MSG transfer.

BH27309BH27309 NJ (Central) Posts: 11
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Looking for Transfer trade for MSG.  

I have Wrigley (both nights)

N1 FLDR 14 Seat 9 & 10

N2 FLDR 9 Seat 9 & 10 

Yes same seat numbers for both nights. 

I'm looking for MSG N1 or N2 for Wrigley straight up.  

Serious inquiries only. MSG only.

This is not a test. 


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    ten474ten474 Los Angeles Posts: 152
    How would you do a transfer trade?
    2000: Los Angeles, San Bernardino
    2003: Irvine, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara
    2006: Los Angeles N1 & N2
    2011: Mexico City
    2013: Wrigley Field, Los Angeles N1 & N2
    2014: Austin City Limits Weekend 1
    2015: Mexico City
    2016: Fenway N1 & N2
    2018: Seattle N1 & N2, Missoula, Boston N1 & N2
    2021: Ohana I, Ohana II
    2022: San Diego, LA N1 & N2, Oakland N1 & N2, Fresno
    2023: St. Paul N1 & N2
    2024: Vancouver N1 & N2

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    SaravaSarava Naperville, IL Posts: 2,001
    ten474 said:
    How would you do a transfer trade?
    Both shows have freely transferable tickets due to local laws- once that opens up. The trick will be finding someone to give up MSG for Wrigley.
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    BH27309BH27309 NJ (Central) Posts: 11
    S--Exactly why I think this could an easy swap to execute, but difficult to find a partner. Hoping a fan won MSG and would rather go to Wrigley Field.  A true F2F swap, hoping the forum will find me a match. It's a F2F transfer without releasing them back into the pool. 
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