[NEVERMIND] Wanted: 2023 10Club tshirt XL

Black TunaBlack Tuna Posts: 12
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Pretty crazy you can't delete a post on here. If you've read this far, stop reading. If you're still reading, stop reading. Alright, you did well. Have a nice day.

I definitely did NOT pay attention to the 10C policy changes and blew it with the 2023 merch. It especially sucks because I'm from Colorado. This is my favorite PJ shirt ever and I missed out! 

I'm looking for an extra large (mens). Would happily pay 2x whatever the cost plus shipping or trade any 10C shirt going back to 2010.

Hoping the shirt is sitting on the bottom of the pile for someone who's willing to let it go. Send me a message if you can help! Many thanks!
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    LetMySpiritPassLetMySpiritPass Lakewood Colorado Posts: 222
    What does the 2023 shirt look like? Refresh my memory.
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