Dark Matter in Theaters



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    SVRDhand13SVRDhand13 NYC Posts: 25,918
    Hearing all these horror stories makes me even happier that I went to the (free) listening party on Saturday!
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    CM189191CM189191 Minneapolis via Chicago Posts: 6,793
    Riverview Theater is a gem, so glad we went!

    Total 50s MCM vibe.  Theater was nice and sounded great.

    Riverview photo tour
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    Vedd HeddVedd Hedd Posts: 4,526
    That theater is awesome. 
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    PmPhlowPmPhlow Posts: 38
    saw it in Jupiter Fl last night....Waiting for Stevie, Wreckage, Setting Sun and Upper Hand were the highlights
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    DL136722DL136722 Not sure... Posts: 645
    Saw it in Boston yesterday, not bad, thought it was going to be heavier though. To me, it sounds like a combo of VS, Lightning Bolt and Gigaton with a sprinkle of Backspacer and Avocado. I read on here that some said this is an extention of their Bruce, Neil and Tom era, accurate assessment. 
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    lastexitlondonlastexitlondon Posts: 12,188
    DL136722 said:
    Saw it in Boston yesterday, not bad, thought it was going to be heavier though. To me, it sounds like a combo of VS, Lightning Bolt and Gigaton with a sprinkle of Backspacer and Avocado. I read on here that some said this is an extention of their Bruce, Neil and Tom era, accurate assessment. 
    I think I agree I heard it lots now and it's not what I hoped
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    Loved hearing the new album at a theatre.  Lots of Post-punk influences on several of the songs!
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    OfThePearlOfThePearl Posts: 666
    edited April 18
    pjl44 said:
     It was also interesting that the first play had an interlude between Stevie and Running but the second play did not.
    Because there not being visuals done for it like for the actual songs? I take it, these visuals were mainly done to play during the songs for the youtube uploads (and now also used on this tour and for the theatrical thing). Like the Gigaton stock-footage edits.
    I really hope these aren't the visuals for the tour. If so, I think most of us would vote for the return of rear stage seats instead.
    I hope not too, but I fear they may be. I'm very interested in what's going on, On the stage, Not peripherally. The first visuals were not bad, kind of drawing with light, and I thought it might be ok for the show screens. But the image on Waiting For Stevie was just awful. A whole- screen throbbing mess, gave me a headache, intensified by the subsequent visuals. I blocked the screen with one hand so I could still see the lyrics, which I really enjoyed having.

    At the shows, I would so much rather have close ups of the guys on stage (the reason I'm there), than these.
    But we'll see what they've planned for us, its likely way beyond what we've yet imagined.

    *I did thoroughly enjoy the theater screening, and it was great to have it played twice. It really left me with SO many more impressions than the in-store listening party. Very glad I went to both.
    Looking forward to these live, soon! 
    I feel like the 1st 3 will be extremely strong, and some others as well.
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    runstaplesrunstaples NC/WY Posts: 235
    Went to the showing here in Raleigh. There was about 30 people, I definitely thought there'd be more. I heard the show in Durham was sold out, though. This was an old theater, not great sound. Was about half as loud as I was hoping, so I'm looking forward to listening at home with it cranked up. I got this picture because I thought it was cool sharing with Ghostbusters, haha.

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    PapPap Aspra Spitia, Greece Posts: 28,428
    edited April 19
    Amazing experience! A little bit less than 50 attendees at the Vue Cinema Portsmouth, UK. I invited two of my friends who are not big PJ fans to the screening. They both enjoyed it, as they felt that they got more than they had expected. In fact, one of them was singing along to the lyrics. They liked Scared of Fear, Running and Something Special. For me the visuals along with the lyrics offered a totally new perspective to the whole album. Now, I can appreciate more/relate to React, Respond and Waiting for Stevie. Off to London tomorrow morning :smiley: Happy DM release day, everybody! :joy:
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    EL91640EL91640 Posts: 83
    Ok listening to the album now with air pods, there was definitely a sound issue at my theater. Barely heard Jeff and Matt before, but they are here!!
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    shetellsherselfshetellsherself New Jersey Posts: 8,788
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    Now that I’m listening to the album in the car… what a huge difference!!  The theater people definitely messed up the sound somehow.   It’s like I’m hearing the songs for the first time.  What a missed opportunity.  Could have been so epic.  Annoyed I spent my money on it.  Glad it didn’t ruin my first real listen though.  Absolutely love the album top to bottom. 
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    theoceansmademetheoceansmademe Posts: 1,132
    Theatre experience was good. However, would have loved having the record released then the theater.

    Hearing to song for 1st & 2nd time wasn’t enough. Would have danced in isle tonight, after the chance to digest the songs today. 

    Bands tour after the release of an album. Same could be done with theatre shows. Just a thought. 
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