The Decemberists

Any other Decemberists fans out there? Just saw they announced a new album this morning coming out June 14th:

Anyone seeing them on tour this summer? I'm seeing them for the third time in Denver in July. 


  • ComeToTXComeToTX Austin Posts: 7,546
    seeing them here in austin.  it has probably been 8 or 9 years since the last time i saw them.
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  • GibsonGibson Toronto Posts: 2,518
    Detroit. Not a huge fan, but I'm sure they'll win me over in concert.
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  • Johnny AbruzzoJohnny Abruzzo Philly Posts: 10,354
    I'm a big fan - love Picaresque, Crane Wife & Hazards of Love. I saw them once - great show. Haven't listened to the new song yet. I do believe guitarist Chris Funk is criminally under-utilized.
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  • pledgeagrievancepledgeagrievance Posts: 2,803
    Hazards of Love is one unbelievable album 
  • Planet of SoundPlanet of Sound UK Posts: 324
    Love The Decemberists, looking forward to the new album, but the latest single is a little testing at over 19 mins long.  Think the album is going to be a double and the first self-released album of theirs.
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