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    ceska said:
    Right on. I agree that it was easier to get around MSG with the interior walkways. And you could also sneak down from a really bad seat and maybe watch the rest of the show from one of the tunnels to those rings. NYC used to have so many great small venues - Brownies, Tramps, Knitting Factory, Fez. Early 2000s was an amazing time for rock shows and bands were who on the cusp of breaking out. Then those venues all got priced out by landlords in the mid-late 2000s. Mercury Lounge is a survivor indeed.  I've been to a few shows at Brooklyn Steel, but I'm always on the rail or in the first five "rows" at least. So I have no idea what's going on behind me or up top. Bell House may be a better, comparable, and more laid back, venue but it was trickier for me to get there and I haven't been back in a few years.
    I remember seeing bands at all those venues. I live in the East Village and we had so many good venues. Plus, don't forget Coney Island High, Don Hills, The Cooler, CBs, Continental, Wetlands, Under Acme, Elbow Room, Pyramid Club, etc. So many great places. Most are sadly gone now.

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    My favorite venue is the legendary Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, OK. Fantastic & historical venue for live music! They are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year.

    Here are some YouTube links for your enjoyment! 🤘

    Twentieth-Century Honky-Tonk: The Amazing Unauthorized Story of the Cain's Ballroom's First 75 Years

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    1993: 11/22 Little Rock
    1996; 9/28 New York
    1997: 11/14 Oakland, 11/15 Oakland
    1998: 7/5 Dallas, 7/7 Albuquerque, 7/8 Phoenix, 7/10 San Diego, 7/11 Las Vegas
    2000: 10/17 Dallas
    2003: 4/3 OKC
    2012: 11/17 Tulsa(EV), 11/18 Tulsa(EV)
    2013: 11/16 OKC
    2014: 10/8 Tulsa
    2022: 9/20 OKC
    2023: 9/13 Ft Worth, 9/15 Ft Worth
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    Finally made a visit to Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown, CA this week.  Bought tickets to a show on a whim since the wife and I were staying within walking distance. Great little rustic venue. Quite the scene of people too. Random vacationers, LA hipsters, and local yokels. Will go back next time I’m out there.

    As for favorite venues… As a local, First Avenue & 7th St. Entry is the music institution here in the Twin Cities. Seen at least a 100 shows there and still get excited walking in there. Other local venues worth checking out if in town are the Turf Club (the place used to have some grime to it, but it’s cleaned up in the past decade) and Palace Theater in St Paul. The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis has most artistic bathroom you’ll find at a venue.

    Like many, I’d love to get to Red Rocks. Have had to cancel seeing a show there twice. One of these days…
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