International Women's Day 2024

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News March 8 2024

International Women's Day 2024
Today, we're honored to celebrate just a few of the remarkable women who Pearl Jam have the honor to know and support. 

Education For All Morocco

In some of the most remote villages of the High Atlas region of Morocco, teenage girls are absent from school due to poverty, living far away from schools, and not having access to transport. This in turn leads to generations of illiterate women and girls, locked into early marriage and motherhood, unable to realize their potential in life. Since 2007, Education For All Morocco has been building and running girl-only boarding houses close to local schools, offering a supportive, well-resourced learning environment for girls to thrive in their education and life. Following the earthquake on September 8th, 2023, all 6 of Education for All's boarding homes were significantly damaged. Remarkably, amidst this devastation, EFA has continued operations in rented homes as they begin the rebuilding process. EFA's housemothers, Latifa, Khadija, and Mina work tirelessly to ensure the girls are cared for and feel inspired to complete their education and go for their dreams.

Di'Orr Greenwood


Di'orr Greenwood is an extraordinary multidisciplinary artist, skateboard instructress, and proud member of the Navajo Nation. Di'orr is a skilled woodworker who creates skateboards that incorporate traditional Navajo symbols and motifs. Last year, Di'orr was featured on the US forever stamp, showcasing one of her beautiful self-decorated boards. She is also a competitive skater and instructor who inspires youth in her community through her skating and art. Last summer, Jeff's nonprofit, Montana Pool Service, was honored to host Di'Orr at the opening ceremony of their park in Standing Rock.

Whitney Tawney

Whitney Tawney is the Executive Director of Montana Conservation Voters, a nonprofit organization that works to protect and promote Montana’s clean air and clean water, public lands, wildlife, renewable energy and public health. MCV works for responsible stewardship of Montana's incredible natural assets by providing voter participation services to over 10,000 conservationists. Through advocacy, voter education and engagement, and coalition building, MCV plays a vital role in environmental protection and sustainability in the state of Montana. 

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