Searching the Forums - Results aren't sorted by date?

MD7886MD7886 Dillsburg PA Posts: 33
I don't use this forum very much, but have been more lately because I'm looking to sell some items.

I find the search function, to not be very accurate.   The results are almost always YEARS old and I can't seem to figure out how to sort them chronologically?  I know there are more recent threads about the topic I'm searching for, but they don't appear in the search results?

Do boolean parameters apply in the search function here?

How can searching be more effective in here?   Maybe it can't?


  • SeaSea Earth Posts: 2,912
    Try using the drop down box to narrow the date range of your search. “Date within…”
    You can also select to search a specific Category.

  • MD7886MD7886 Dillsburg PA Posts: 33
    I didn't know that you can hit the "drop down" next to the search field !!!   Victory, thank you so much.    This is MUCH better.
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