Ticket sales on secondary markets

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 How can resale sites guarantee email delivery of non-transferable tickets? Other than a handful of shows, it's been made clear that the tickets will be non-transferable.
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    CROJAM95CROJAM95 Posts: 9,123
    When there is a monetary incentive, they find a way

    like any other Racket
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    hihobibohihobibo Tampa, FL Posts: 1,057
    When you list on Stubhub, you include your card info to get paid back.  They don't give you your payment until after the event,  when the buyer is satisfied with your listing being truthful. If there are issues before or during the event, the buyer can call and complain, and stubhub has ways to  deal with that.  

    So that's how they guarantee tickets. 
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    ZodZod Posts: 10,106
    Not sure how, but with the U2 Sphere shows, the GA tickets weren't transferrable either, and only sellable on Fan2Fan.   Resellers had a way to send the person a link, and when click would allow them to access the bar code or whatever was necessary to get in.

    I was wondering if resellers figured out a way to view the bar code on one device and relay the info to another device. I've been curious if technology took another leap forward to loophole around the non-transferrable restriction.

    The more common ways are sellers sharing the password of the TM account they were bought on, but the one above was the one I was most curious about.
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