So many questions..

Hi, new to 10C but not to PJ :) I do not want to ruffle any feathers but I have questions, hoping someone might have some answers.

I have 4 extra tickets, 2 sets of 2 to Fenway night 2. The story...10C presale tickets weren't what I was hoping for (Grandstand). Got wait listed for Ticketmaster this morning and when I finally got in I just bought the cheapest turf tickets I could find. Then I temporarily lost my mind and bought more tickets from the MLB website that I didn't notice were limited view until after I checked out...

I'm fairly sure I understand I can list my Ticketmaster tickets on Fan to Fan when that opens. But Boston tickets are 'non transferrable', so this is the only method?

And then what is the deal with the direct from MLB/Red socks tickets. Am I stuck with them?? Will I be able to list these for face value or less somewhere? I'm not sure they'd sell even if I listed them...I had no idea limited view tickets would be a part of the sale and it wasn't overly obvious. The generic map made them seem fine.

Finally- I see other posts with people looking for tickets and asking people to message them. How would this even work if the tickets aren't transferrable?

Thank you for reading this far if you have. I just wanted to see Pearl Jam again, I haven't seen them since 2016. I can't believe I have spent so much money and am kind of freaking out.


  • rett1448rett1448 Posts: 26
    i mean ive bought a ticket from another fan at a show for the value of the ticket in the past and they just sent me it 
    like shared me my ticket - i dk what transferrable is but u def can sell the tick i think for what u paid or lower obviously just dont upsell them n its cool as far as i know  

    that probably helps in no way sorry 
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