"Ten Club Members" vs "Registered Fans," Waitlisted vs Public Sale

GD, I didn't have luck getting Ten Club tickets, so now I'm trying to figure out my next steps. Sorry to be slow here, but I'm confused what's the path forward.

-I was waitlisted for the Portland show via my Ten Club pre-sale registration. Is there still a chance I'll get a ticket, or should I assume that's a miss? When do we find out what's the verdict on the waitlist?
-On the FAQs page, I saw that "Registered Fans" will also be receiving word about whether they got tickets. What is a registered fan?
-"Registration Sale" begins at 10am Feb 23 (tomorrow). Is this the same as "Registered Fans"? Do I have access to purchasing tickets this way? The FAQs say that only fans who have been given a code can access this sale. I assume I've missed the boat on this?
-Is there another public sale I should be putting on my calendar?

Thanks to anyone who can break this down for me.


  • 33 minutes on the phone with Ticketmaster, and this is the rep and my best understanding (please don't take it as gospel) of what's going on:

    -"PJ Premium" tickets, according to Ticketmaster, are likely to be what we call "Ten Club" tickets. They are available for pre-sale.
    -"Registered Fan" tickets are for people trying to get in on the pre-sale who are not Ten Club members. Apparently they also have access to the pre-sale. (Disclaimer that she really wasn't sure about this, and it doesn't really add up to me, as I thought the point of Ten Club ticket access was to get ahead of people who are not Ten Club members)
    -Feb 23 at 10am, Ten Club members and Registered Fans who got a code can start securing their tickets.
    -If you got waitlisted like me, there's a chance that at some point, you will get an email with a code saying that you can secure a ticket. No timeline for this, and it will depend on what happens with everyone else securing their tickets.
    -If you don't hear anything, you never got off the waitlist.
    -There is currently no date for public sale. When shows are likely to sell out during the pre-sale phase (think Taylor Swift), the artist often doesn't give Ticketmaster a public sale date. According to the rep, for PJ, there's a majority chance that there will not be a public sale date. But that's not a certainty.

    So, looks like I'm SOL! I should have registered for more shows or had my husband become a Registered Fan or something.

    Again, none of this information was entirely clear or certain, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt. Hope I'm not spreading rumors.
  • smagnus1smagnus1 Atlanta Posts: 25
    -Feb 23 at 10am, Ten Club members and Registered Fans who got a code can start securing their tickets.

    So does this mean we can all jump on regardless of a code if we’re 10c members???  Seems kinda pointless to jump thru the hoops of registering thru tm to hope for a code to the shows we want. I mean fingers crossed but I read it different. Anyone else got a clue on this? Thanks and good luck to all
  • My understanding from the Ticketmaster woman was that if you got a code, either via being a Ten Club member or being a Registered Fan, you can start buying/securing/following through on your tickets at 10am tomorrow. (Not sure if you went through the motions of registering, either as a Ten Club member or as a Registered Fan. If you didn't, my understanding is it's too late for you, and your best bet would be public sale, if it happens.) For those of us who got a waitlist message or those who were planning to get tickets through public sale, we're probably-though not definitely- out of luck. Ditto on the good luck to all! Strikes and gutters. :/
  • BSullyBSully Indiana Posts: 1,010
    Wait... what does this part mean?
    "either as a Ten Club member or as a Registered Fan" 

    10C members didn't get a code right, just the lottery picks?
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  • As a long term member, I missed the code. I know, no code. I was on holiday and returned the night of the short period of time given. This will be my first PJ concert in my city that I have missed. Ticketmaster has tickets for AUD$500 EACH. WTF? I thought being a Ten Club member meant a decent lead in time for tickets. Went to register as soon as I realised no code and I missed it.

    I know, my fault. Just bummed I'll miss them now.
  • iamecogaliamecogal Olympia Posts: 4
    Elle 1929, I have two extra tickets for Portland on May 10, but they're not together. Not sure how Fan 2 Fan works though. 
  • Elle1929Elle1929 Posts: 5
    Oh I'd love to snag a ticket! I'm going to try to send you a DM. Let me know if it works.
  • Elle1929Elle1929 Posts: 5
    BSully, to answer your question, IF I'm understanding it right (big if there), if a Ten Club member got a ticket through the lottery system, he/she would get a code emailed to him/her. The code would allow that person to actually obtain the ticket.
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