Did they change the Ten Club ticket policy for this tour?

It used to be they would release tickets on a seniority of membership order.  I've been a member since 1995, and I registered for tickets for 2 Chicago shows and it appears I am not getting any this tour.  However a few of my friends who joined well after I did received tickets.  I sent an email to club but doubt I will get any help? Bummer JZ . Anyone have any ideas ?


  • BB6102BB6102 Posts: 5
    Same boat 1998, friends that have only been members for 3 years or so got them.
    im confused and honestly kind of pissed. 
  • zonapjzonapj Posts: 52
    Been a member 30 years! Fuck this sucks!!!
  • BH2538BH2538 Posts: 2
    I'm a few months sort of 30 years and yup, "unfulfilled." If they don't want to go by seniority, they could at least give us the curiosity to tell us...how many countless tour-less years did I pay dues to keep my number? If it's now useless, there's no reason to keep renewing...
  • BC10993BC10993 Posts: 7
    Pearl Jam all about ticket fairness. Just collect annual fees for years/decades and promise priority seats. 
    What BS. Telling that they are in bed with Ticketmaster now. Canceling my worthless fan club membership and you should as well. 
  • BB6102BB6102 Posts: 5
    I’m so pissed, offended, dissatisfied, disappointed and sad for all the long time fan club members that got screwed 

  • Lost In OhioLost In Ohio Posts: 6,765
    The lotto system is random who gets...it's random. It's really been random for many years now. Having a good number didn't guarantee seats back to 2010 and maybe before.

    Seats are still based on seniority as always.
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