2024 Tour Tickets

Anybody else out there who has problems accessing the link to register for the Ten Club pre-sale or credit card failure?? When i was clicking on the link i was getting directed straight to the Ticketmaster pre sale and not the Ten Club pre sale! Heard others got through and then their credit cards failing!!


  • I had issues registering as well. Every time I clicked on it it took me to the Ticketmaster site. I unfortunately assumed this was the only option. Just heard from a friend who is selected for five shows today. Apparently the 10 club member link was somewhere else on the club page. It’s really a shame they can’t make it Easier for members to find the proper link, First two are I’ll be missing at 11 years. Maybe I can find tickets elsewhere but I’m sure it won’t be easy. 
  • ndjm74ndjm74 Miami Posts: 1
    I was so excited since I registered and today I received my email with unfulfilled order. Really disappointed.
  • zonapjzonapj Posts: 52
    Fuck this!
    Member for 30 years and this! Ten club sucks! Missed my 2023 membership Tee due to their new policies. Fuck this! 
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