Other Side Lyrics

Does anyone know the full lyrics to "Other Side"?  The lyrics on the PJ site are different than genius.com, which are different than what I hear too.  Seems there are four lyrical debates:

1) "All the dark lost deals, befriendin' me" or "All the dark horse fields befriending me"

2) "The blackened road goes white" or "The blackened world grows white"

3) "The old streets seem to make it worse" or "New York streets seem to make it worse"

4) "The fading melodies that remind me" or "The fading melodies can’t beat my need"

Virginia Beach 2000; Pittsburgh 2000; Columbus 2003; D.C. 2003; Pittsburgh 2006; Virginia Beach 2008; Cleveland 2010; PJ20 2011; Pittsburgh 2013; Baltimore 2013; Charlottesville 2013; Charlotte 2013; Lincoln 2014; Moline 2014; St. Paul 2014; Greenville 2016; Hampton 2016; Lexington 2016; Wrigley 2016; Prague 2018; Krakow 2018; Berlin 2018; Fenway 2018; Camden 2022; St. Paul 2023
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