Super Bowl Party....Lets hear what you have planned

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Going to see some old friends, folks I have known for 30 years.

Strip cards
Chips, dips, chains, whips.
And I baked a cherry pie. 

What are you up to?

Take me piece by piece.....
Till there aint nothing left worth taking away from me.....
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  • F Me In The BrainF Me In The Brain this knows everybody from other commets Posts: 30,480
    Strip cards?  Oy!

    I'm a Niners fan so I'm not cooking up a storm, I'm drinking beer.  :lol:
    Wife decided since she was on food planning she would order takeout from a great Indian place.
    Chicken Tikka and lamb biryani.  Requested mild-hot.  
    Will go great with the beers.

    (And, the losing to the Chiefs again!  )
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  • xavier mcdanielxavier mcdaniel Somewhere in NYC Posts: 9,022
    watching the game, recording the history of the NFL today special. hoping whatever super bowl boxes I got drawn come through. 
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  • HughFreakingDillonHughFreakingDillon Winnipeg Posts: 35,693
    Just wife and I. Apps, beers, ball. 
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  • PoncierPoncier Posts: 16,028
    Going to casino in CT with my usual group of friends to watch. It's been the normal routine for a number of years now.
    This weekend we rock Portland
  • HesCalledDyerHesCalledDyer Maryland Posts: 16,409
    I will be the lone wolf 49ers fan sporting my Hall of Famer Patrick Willis jersey amongst all the Swifties at my friends’ house. They’re having a taco bar and giant homemade pop-tarts. Depending on how well or poor the Niners are doing will determine how stoned I get. 
  • SpunkieSpunkie I come from downtown. Posts: 5,183
    ...another Soccer Sunday... one day I will watch my first football game!
  • eeriepadaveeeriepadave West Chester, PA Posts: 40,485
    Nothing big planned or anything, just staying in and watching it. :neutral:
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  • josevolutionjosevolution Posts: 28,124
    Made Chilean arrollado pork meat rolled in pork skins and boiled with potatoes carrots, now I’m laying on my bed I’ll be lucky to stay awake till the end of the game 
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