FS: EMEK Pearl Jam Poster Wave Santa Barbara MINT FRAMED $6,000.00

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Hello! I have a MINT & FRAMED Pearl Jam EMEK Santa Barbara poster for sale.  The poster is NOT dry mounted and is framed using all archival materials.  Meetup in Chicagoland area PREFERRED  PayPal Friends & Family payment on the spot upon inspection of poster and meetup.  $6,000.00

If interested in purchasing from OUTSIDE of the Chicagoland are (NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING), Payment would be by Paypal Goods And Services, Shipping would be included by UPS With Signature Confirmation and Packed Professionally by UPS, and Price would be $6,250.00 to cover PayPal Fees and some Shipping cost.

Please see pictures and note couple of small dings on top of frame and small scratch on bottom of frame.  Please note that this does not effect the print/poster at all.

Please PM if interested.  Thanks!
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    Absolute beauty - good luck with the sale!
    9/8/98 (NJ), 9/10/98 (NY), 8/23/00 (NY), 8/24/00 (NY), 8/25/00 (NY), 4/30/03 (NY), 7/8/03 (NY), 7/9/03 (NY), 5/12/06 (NY), 6/1/06 (NJ), 6/3/06 (NJ), 8/5/07 (IL), 6/22/08 (DC), 6/24/08 (NY), 6/25/08 (NY), 7/1/08 (NY), 10/4/09 (TX ), 10/30/09 (PA), 5/20/10 (NY), 5/21/10 (NY), 9/3/11 (WI), 9/4/11 (WI), 7/19/13 (IL), 10/18/13 (NY), 10/19/13 (NY), 10/3/14 (MO), 9/23/15 (NY), 9/26/15 (NY), 5/1/16 (NY), 5/2/16 (NY), 8/5/16 (MA), 8/22/16 (IL), 4/7/17 (NY), 6/18/18 (UK), 8/20/18 (IL), 9/2/18 (MA), 9/4/18 (MA), 9/18/21 (NJ), 9/26/21 (CA), 10/1/21 (CA), 10/2/21 (CA), 9/10/22 (NY), 9/11/22 (NY), 9/14/22 (NJ), 9/16/22 (TN), 9/22/22 (CO), 8/31/23 (MN), 9/2/23 (MN), 9/5/23 (IL), 9/7/23 (IL)
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    Absolute beauty - good luck with the sale!
    Thank You!
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    That’s always looked like a wave with a hard on to me 🤷🏼‍♂️ Probably says more about me than the poster, lol. 

    Good luck with your sale buddy! Buy with confidence folks. Great seller here!
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