Guitar Practice Routines

Hey guys! I am trying to get more in a routine of practicing or being more intentional about it. What does this look like for you guitar players? I try and learn about 1 PJ every few days as they are fun to figure out. But I want to be a well rounded player. I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!
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  • BALLBOYBALLBOY Australia Posts: 985
    Just stick at it & the muscle memory will kick in. I couldn't play a note 7 years ago when I took it up & better than I ever expected to be
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  • mfc2006mfc2006 HTOWN Posts: 37,357
    I usually play a couple of songs I know to warm up and loosen up my fingers. Maybe one easy one and one trickier one. Then I typically just jam around for a bit. Next, I either keep working on a song that I'm writing or I pick a cover that I love & don't know how to play at all. I start slowly playing almost half time to make sure the right notes are ringing through the way I want them to, then get up to the songs tempo eventually. I like picking tough songs that take a lot of work and revisit them every time I play.

    That's my routine for the most part. I'm writing a ton these days, so I'll warm up my fingers and voice, then usually dive back where I left off with the songwriting. Hope this helps!
  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New Jersey Posts: 27,649
    I swear the greatest song to warm up while playing electric is rvm.  the main verse stretches out your fingers, the chorus you can work on your power chords and then the jam in the middle let's you improvise in Am with effects and delays.  
    When I'm playing acoustic I warm up with lie in our graves by dmb.  

    After I warm up I usually attempt to play a song I'm learning or revisit one that I haven't played in awhile.  
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