Sweet beats and potato head ears

We’re so lucky!

Our favorite cooks, 

they concocted, 

they imagined, created, and baked us

some sweet sweet beets

Bring on the lofty lines of melody!

How about some prestissimo wheels to move us?

(It’s in the back room, waiting)

All I heard was a distant rumble behind a door,

but there's been some muffled promise from back beyond and

I’m getting excited!


We’re so fortunate.

Our favorite creators are still throwing the ingredients into the bowls, 

into the pots,

into the measuring spoons, 

and onto the flames for us

We, with the big silly ears

We say:  "Swing us here, flip us there!"

We’ll be your willing potato head listeners

We will!

Always, always, always... 

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