Boss Katana MKII “You Are” Tone

Man, I have chasing this tone forever! I couldn’t pull the trigger on a drum machine and after seeing all the programming that Matt did to get that choppy sound, there had to be an easier way. Enter the Boss Katana! Man there is nothing this amp can not do! Still tweaking the sound but I think I am close. Enjoy!
Alpine Valley Music Theatre East Troy, Wisconsin (September 03, 2011); Alpine Valley Music Theatre East Troy, Wisconsin (September 04, 2011); Deluna Fest Pensacola, FL (September 21, 2012); Wrigley Field (July 19, 2013); Milwaukee, WI (October 20, 2014); Wrigley Field I (August 20, 2016); Wrigley Field II (August 22, 2016); Home Shows Seattle Night 1 (August 08, 2018), Home Shows Seattle Night 2 (August 10, 2018), Apollo Theater (September 10, 2022), Madison Square Garden (September 11, 2022), Bourbon & Beyond Louisville (September 17th, 2022). 


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