Protect Alaska Fish and Wildlife

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Protect Alaska Fish and Wildlife
News January 23 2024

ACTION ALERT: Alaska’s fish, wildlife, and public lands need your help! Across the state, 28 million acres of BLM-managed public lands could soon be repurposed for extractive industrial development. We’re talking about public lands that feed over 100 Alaska Native communities, nourish incredible fish and wildlife biodiversity, and serve as massive carbon sinks for the planet.
RIGHT NOW, you can stand up to keep these landscapes safe. BLM just opened a 60-day public comment period on this potential rollback of public land protections. The federal government needs to hear that we want public land uses that support local communities, and prioritize clean water, healthy habitat, and food security. Can you speak up now to maintain protections for some of the last, intact large landscapes left on the planet? ACTION LINK


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    jimjam1982jimjam1982 AZ Posts: 1,340
    Sad they want to use this land. It NEEDS to remain untouched. Glad I checked in and saw this today.  Worthy of an email push!
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    PapPap Aspra Spitia, Greece Posts: 28,586

    Throwback Thursday - Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam, along with Barbara Ireland and Keith Lowe singing the 'Salmon Song' for a fabulous night of local wine, food and music at our Carnation's Full Circle Farm as a benefit for Stewardship Partners back in the summer of 2011.
    The event promoted awareness of local farms that provide healthy organic food and actively participate in environmental stewardship.
    Athens 2006 / Milton Keynes 2014 / London 1&2 2022 / Seattle 1&2 2024 / Dublin 2024 / Manchester 2024
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