***EV Benaroya Hall Fanviews Here 10/23/23 ***

SeaSea Earth Posts: 2,830
Eddie Vedder
Benaroya Hall
Seattle, WA
Show One
Set List

String Quartet:
Sada James Doup, violin
Brianna Atwell, violin
April Acevez Cameron, viola
Chris Worswick, cello

Jeff Ross opened the show

Walk On Music: On My Way

Ed Onstage 9:15
Ed Offstage 11:09

1. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
2. Keep Me In Your Heart-(Calderon, Zevon)
3. Wildflowers-(Petty)
4. Trouble-(Stevens)
5. Wishlist
6. Far Behind
7. Rise
8. I Won't Back Down-(Lynne, Petty
9. Corduroy (acoustic)
EB video
10. Say Hi
11. Better Man
12. Just Breathe w/ string quartet
13. The End w/ string quartet
14. The Ship Song-(Cave) w/ string quartet
15. Porch
16. River Cross
17. Unthought Known
18. Hard Sun-(Peterson)

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Thank you, John for the set list & notes.


  • EraserheadEraserhead Stoke-on-Trent Posts: 2,763
    9. Corduroy (acoustic)

    Oooooh - would love to hear that!

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  • :o  The Ship Song with strings must've been amazing! They probably would've added a lot to River Cross too, I'd imagine. 
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  • KN219077KN219077 Montana Posts: 872
    if Ed wanted to raise some money for EB, a good way to go would be to charge $20 for a download of the shows, I imagine it would raise quite a bit.
  • BloodMeridian80BloodMeridian80 Seattle Posts: 337
    Definitely an emotional night for many in attendance. Made me think of the Valvano speech line, “If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you're going to have something special.” 

    The string quartet songs, Corduroy, and River Cross were the highlights for me, but every song seemed to fit the occasion well. 
  • EddieredderEddieredder Posts: 592
    KN219077 said:
    if Ed wanted to raise some money for EB, a good way to go would be to charge $20 for a download of the shows, I imagine it would raise quite a bit.
    There was a notice of filming last night. Multiple camera crews were getting footage. 
  • EddieredderEddieredder Posts: 592
    The acoustics of Benaroya continue to be just unreal. Just Ed and his guitar. Hearing stripped down acoustic versions.....it was amazing. Now I wanna go again tonight. 
  • Adi TAdi T New York City Posts: 142
    Definitely need a EV Benny. 
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  • jslumanjsluman Posts: 1
    So Jeff Ross (comedian) opened for approx 1 hour?  Will it be the same tonight?  Also, No Earthlings band… just EV solo?  Obviously great either way, just clarifying.  🤙
  • EddieredderEddieredder Posts: 592
    edited October 24
    jsluman said:
    So Jeff Ross (comedian) opened for approx 1 hour?  Will it be the same tonight?  Also, No Earthlings band… just EV solo?  Obviously great either way, just clarifying.  🤙
    I believe Jeff Ross said he wouldn't be there tonight. Yes it was about a 45 min set. Just EV solo with the exception of the string section 
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  • giventofly69giventofly69 Vancouver Posts: 844
    Highlights for me
    - First 3 songs
    - Corduroy. 🔥💕
    - Eli 🥰
    - Songs with the string quartet. So beautiful. 

    A few tears were shed. And got goosebumps at times. So glad I was there. So wish I had run up the credit card to be there for night 2. 

    "Your light's reflected now, reflected from afar. We were but stones, your light made us stars."
  • Just Breathe with the string quartet took me out...goosebumps. Beautiful. The songs with strings were my favorite part. It was my first visit to Benaroya and it was incredible sound. Lovely Corduroy. The story of Unthought Known was awesome to hear. 

    The cause, the kids, the researchers and families everything was heartwarming and highlighted such important work that's having a real impact. I felt lucky to be a part of it all as an attendee. 
  • southpsouthp Posts: 250
    Looks like an excellent setlist!
  • SpunkieSpunkie Swimming sideways from the undertow! Posts: 4,574
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    Adi T said:
    Definitely need a EV Benny. 
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