Looking for some help - A story in three screenshots

Summary: Amidst challenging times, I'm contacting the community for assistance. While I've detailed my story below with some accompanying screenshots, there's also more information on the linked GoFundMe page.

My Situation: Just when I believed I'd hit my lowest point, last week proved me wrong. The funds had depleted, and I had just enough to cover a month's rent. Sharing my plight on the Facebook Group (refer to the 2nd image) was a cry for help, and the response was heartwarming. Members of our community uplifted me with their kindness, advice, and tangible support. Some assisted with essentials for my dog, while others initiated video calls, exploring potential professional opportunities with me.

The Fundraiser: This initiative was born from the encouragement of several 10C members who extended their help. Historically, I've been someone who's managed to navigate life's hurdles without external assistance. However, as I explore new professional avenues beyond my two-decade-long career, I recognize the urgent need for a stable income. This led me to consider driving for Uber/Lyft.

How You Can Help: My current challenge is obtaining a suitable vehicle for this venture. The used car market prices are steep, making it challenging to make an outright purchase. I aim to acquire a fuel-efficient vehicle like a Prius or Niro, reducing operational costs. While a used Tesla with complimentary supercharging would be perfect, it remains a distant dream due to financial constraints.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Your presence and empathy are genuinely appreciated, even if you cannot assist. Your willingness to step into my shoes, if only for a moment, means the world to me.

1st image

2nd image

3rd image


  • Brian_BoBrian_Bo Posts: 46
    Update posted:

    Living alone through this ordeal often made me feel isolated like I was navigating this storm without any anchor or support. But in just one week, you've changed that narrative for me. Your overwhelming response to this campaign has transformed my sense of solitude into a realization that I'm surrounded by a community that genuinely cares.

    The outpouring of support profoundly touches me. Your generosity has been a beacon of hope during these challenging times, and I cannot express my gratitude enough.

    As I delved into the used car market, finding a reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle proved more costly than I initially thought. We've made great strides with the funds raised so far, but with the current state of the market, we need to reach a bit further to hit our stretch goal. This would bring me closer to securing a vehicle suitable for ridesharing, offering immediate income and flexibility as I press on in my job search.

    To those who've already contributed, shared, or sent words of encouragement - thank you from the bottom of my heart. For others, if you haven’t had a chance to donate, or even if you have, I kindly ask you to share this campaign with friends, family, and colleagues who may be willing to help. Every share can make a significant impact!

    Your support not only aids me in my current predicament but also ensures the well-being of my furry roommate (dog_tax picture included!). In these trying times, the kindness and empathy of this community shine brighter than ever. Together, we can overcome adversity. I remain committed to paying it forward once I find stable ground.

    With deepest gratitude,

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    Hope the rest of your life would be wonderful..
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    I wish i was the souvenir you kept your house key on..
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