HR (Bad Brains) needs our help

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As you may have heard, HR (from Bad Brains/Human Rights) has been suffering from increasingly debilitating SUNCT headaches.

On May 24, he made the difficult decision to cancel his upcoming shows and tours because the pain makes it impossible to perform.

HR does not have disability insurance, so he is in need of funds to replace lost income over the next few months. Household expenses such as food, rent, and utilities are the immediate priority.

As his neurology team is located 3+ hours from home, some money will be needed for travel, as well. We will keep you updated regarding his medical needs over the next couple of months. HR has about $350 in medical bills right now.

We are currently working on other fundraising ideas, such as t-shirts, and will post an update when those are ready. Thank you for your love and support.

Lori Carns Hudson



UPDATE (September 24, 2023)

HR's SUNCT has been worsening over the past few weeks. It's hard to believe that it could get any worse, but it has. Breaks between neuralgia attacks last anywhere from about 30 seconds to an hour through most of the day and night, except for a two-hour break in the afternoon.

He's so tired.

If you haven't yet, check out these two blog posts about SUNCT:  https://youareexpansive.com/category/facial-neuralgia-headaches/
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